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Open Learning programs have continuous enrolment, so you can register at any time throughout the year. Most of our programs can be completed on a part-time or full-time basis. If you are registered in three courses at one time, you are considered a full-time student. With part-time status, you can work as slowly as taking one course every two years. As long as you maintain this, you will remain active in your program.

Ententes avec le Collège La Cité

Max. de crédits accordés
Assistant de l’ergothérapeute et assistant
du physiothérapeute
Hygiène dentaire69
Soins infirmiers auxiliaires54
Soins paramédicaux54
Soins paramédicaux avancés78
Techniques pharmaceutiques45
Thérapie respiratoire84
  • CO Avec les programmes conjoints, l’étudiant a la possibilité de commencer au collège et de terminer à l’université OU de faire l’inverse.
  • PA Programme accéléré de 60 crédits : B.A. spécialisé en communications sociales
  • PASS Programme de passerelle


The Partnership between Thompson Rivers University, Open Learning and La Cite College allows students to use their existing credentials as credits toward the completion of the Bachelor of Health Science degree. During the Live event students will be able to ask questions regarding transfer opportunities and learn more about TRU programs.

Information on the Transfer Opportunities:

Bachelor of Health Science:

For more regarding program or course costs, help with choosing an area of study, scheduling a final exam, orientation and more, follow the link:

Processus d’admission

Courses through TRU, Open Learning have continuous enrolment, allowing students to register any time throughout the year. Those courses with continuous enrolment provide students with a maximum timeframe of 30 weeks to complete, including all course requirements. The average time students take to complete a program through TRU, Open Learning is 4 years working part-time. This timeframe can vary depending on if students are also working while they complete their studies or if they are working on their studies full time. Our courses have the following fees incorporated into the total cost: Tuition, Course Materials, Non-refundable Administration and Non-refundable Technology fees.

If you want to apply to an Open Learning program, you can apply online at

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